To ensure we provide the most comprehensive, unbiased review of the mattresses on our website, our Sleep Scouts test each for 30 days to evaluate its performance. We also make sure that it is tested by a range of body shapes and sizes – from a small 120 lb female, to a larger 215 lb male.

We perform the following tests in order to provide the fairest and most balanced review:

Sleep Position Test (back vs. side vs. stomach)


Sleep positions vary amongst individuals and sleep partners. We test how the mattress performs when you have a stomach sleeper and a back sleeper sharing the bed.

Hand Pressure Test


How does the mattress react when a normal amount of hand pressure is applied? Is there sinkage and bounce back?

The Kettlebell Test


This is used to visually demonstrate the actual sinkage experienced by a 25 lb weight.  It is a ‘constant’ among all mattress reviews at Sleep Scouts, allowing accurate comparisons across the board when determining the actual softness/firmness of each mattress.


Sleeping with a normal flat sheet and duvet cover, we want to ensure that the mattresses don’t retain heat and provided appropriate airflow to keep you cool at night.

Motion Transfer


Another common problem for couples is the transfer of motion from one side of the mattress to the other – especially with spring mattresses. So we test each mattress for this.

In addition to these tests, we were looking for other important features of any mattress to add to the review – most notably:

  • Overall appearance
  • Edge support
  • Delivery condition
  • Ease of handling and moving

We leave no stone unturned!